3 Real Estate Markets To Generate Leads In a Tough Economy

Marketing has always been a challenge. Marketing can be the biggest boom to your real estate business or sink the ship before it ever left the harbor.In a tough economy choices get made to “cut this” and “cut that” and slowly your real estate business is left with nothing more than you, a phone, and no one to call who needs your services. What I will share with you here may very well save your real estate business.The first item that I am going to tell you is that there are marketing items that you need to remove from your budget. The list of items that need to be removed from your budget right now are:bus benches
recipe cards
flyers without a clear marketing message
pumpkinsWhy do all of these need to be avoided?First they make you look like a sales person and no one likes dealing with a sales person. The other issue is that they are expensive and have a low return on your money if they return your money.To make marketing effective you can’t spend $1 to make $1. There is no point in spending your hard earned money only to get it back. You would be better off saving the money to begin with.I would like you to think of marketing for real estate leads as spending a $1 to get a minimum of $7 back. In other words for every dollar that you invest you know that $7 will be coming back to you. Your business will turn into a profitable machine.The tougher an economy gets the more ruthless you have to become when advertising. Finding the most motivated buyers and sellers is critical to succeeding in a tough economy.Right now the most motivated parts of the real estate market are:Targeting short sale sellers who are willing to follow directions that will allow you to sell their home quickly and efficiently.
Targeting buyers who understand that there are deals out there that won’t last forever and that acting now is the surest way to take advantage of the real estate market
Letting your past clients and prospects know that you are still in business and that anything they can do to mention your name, send you a lead, or invest in real estate will be appreciated.Each one of the above real estate niches can immediately increase your business. Attacking these niches with e-mail, free internet ads, and affordable post cards will deliver leads for your business on a daily basis.